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Lactation Consultation

Prenatal Consults ($125)

Prenatal lactation education is one of the best predictors of breastfeeding success. Many people are surprised to discover how much there is to know! I recommend either attending a breastfeeding class (see classes section) or scheduling a private prenatal consult. If you have any history of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or breast surgery, have a personal or family history of low milk supply or breastfeeding problems, or plan to induce lactation, I recommend a private prenatal consult.
During this consult we will address any concerns, discuss your personal and family medical history, put a support system into place, and establish an infant feeding plan for your postpartum. 


Postnatal Lactation Visits (Initial visit $150; follow-up visit $125):

Most commonly, people see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) shortly after the birth of their child. IBCLCs possess a level of expertise in breastfeeding not possessed by typical OBGYNs, family doctors, midwives, or pediatricians. We help you learn to latch your baby effectively and without pain, and to make sure your baby gets enough milk. We can troubleshoot your challenges and work towards solutions. We can also help you prepare to return to work and guide you through gentle weaning when you are ready.

An initial visit is 60–90 minutes long. Follow-up visits are 30–60 minutes.  
During the first visit we review your relevant medical, lactation, and birth history; your family and community's infant feeding habits and history; and your concerns and challenges. After I gain a holistic picture, we make a clear verbal and written plan to help you meet your goals, and plan for follow-up. I will only suggest a follow-up visit if it seems necessary. 

  • Home Visits: The best way to start a solid infant feeding relationship is to stay home, snuggled skin-to-skin in bed for the first few weeks. With this in mind, I offer in-home visits. Home visits are available for families with babies of any age and I strongly recommend them for babies younger than two weeks old.


  • Office Visits: Office visits coming soon; currently I offer only home visits. Until office visits are available, home visits are available at no extra charge in Portland.


Discounts & A Word About Costs:

I offer a 20% discount for families on Oregon Health Plan.

There is sometimes "sticker shock" associated with the cost of a visit with an IBCLC. Know that there is a great deal of work that goes into your care outside of the time spent in your home. This includes charting, communicating with the referring provider, email and phone communications researching and consulting on more complex issues, and continuing education. When considering the cost of a lactation consultant, it can be helpful to compare it to the cost of formula feeding, and you will almost certainly find that the high quality care we provide pays for itself within weeks.

While it is our desire to make lactation care as accessible as possible, our fees are necessary to maintain a sustainable business. This being said, should you find that hiring a lactation consultant is cost prohibitive, please be in touch and I will do my best to help you find a solution and resources.