Elliott Lactation offers goal-based and body-positive lactation services for families of all shapes and sizes in Portland, Oregon.


What is goal-based care? This is a term I coined to refer to the way I support people through lactation and birth. All families have different values and priorities; goal-based care means that when I’m coming into your home, we are working towards the goals set by your family, not by me. It means I sit with you and try to fully understand what you want from your early parenting and infant feeding experience, and help you work towards that in a way that is doable for you. Expect that I will do a lot of listening before I make suggestions. One-size-fits-all care does not work for pregnancy and child-rearing.

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Inclusive care

Elliott Lactation specializes in individualizing services to LGBTQ families, all family structures, and people of all sizes and abilities to provide affirming, body-positive, non-judgmental support for whatever your family's needs are.