I've compiled a great list of my favorite resources for childrearing in Portland and online. There are so many options out there, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Everyone I have listed is inclusive and supportive of families of all shapes, sizes and abilities. You can trust that each of these people will respect and honor your family and provide you with excellent care or services.

Family photography


Do you like the images you see on this site? The amazing Mel MacManiman at Sommessa Photography captures beautiful moments for a diversity of families in Portland.



Birth Center:

Women's Healthcare Associates Birth Center: WHA's new midwifery birth center is staffed by an amazing group of nurse midwives who are making out-of-hospital birth more accessible. Their birth center in East Portland is in-network with medicaid and many insurance plans.  

Home Birth: 

 Rose City Midwifery: I cannot recommend Liz and Melissa enough. They are brilliant, funny, skillful midwives who are able to meet the needs of a wide range of families. Liz is the midwife I entrusted to care for me and my baby during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum, and if you are considering a home birth I recommend that you give these gals a call. 

Portland Natural Birth: Mirra is an awesome local home birth midwife and mama of two with tons of experience. Portland Natural birth also features placenta encapsulation services, pelvic floor care and body work by Kelley Burke. Kelley has a truly magical touch!

Unfurling Birth: Catherine Bailey is a caring, compassionate CPM in the Portland area. Check her out if you are considering a home birth. 

Hospital Birth:

Legacy Midwives: If you are considering a hospital birth, the Legacy Midwives, who deliver at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center are great! They do water birth but offer the security of being on a hospital unit if that feels more comfortable. I teach at Legacy Hospitals. We have a great variety of childbirth, parenting and breastfeeding classes. 



Portland Doula Love:  Portland Doula Love has a great selection of doulas (I love Mal and Cindy!) and classes.

Queer conception/fertility support for all


Joni and Caitlin at Coyote Midwifery are wonderful midwives that offer insemination services using both fresh and frozen washed sperm (IUIs and ICIs) in their office or in the comfort of your own home. They also offer home birth midwifery care.

Bras for all sizes


The Pencil Test
It can be SO frustrating to find a bra that fits! Most stores only stock up to a size D.  Well, good news for busty mamas. The Pencil Test on NE Alberta Street doesn't stock anything less than a D! They have both nursing and non-nursing bras. The women who run the shop will fit you and find something to make you comfortable and confident. 
They also stock chest binders.
They don't have a website, just a Facebook page.
You can find them at:
2407 NE Alberta St
(971) 266-8611

Local Parenting resources


The Black Parent Initiative (BPI) is an organization that supports black families in Portland. Their programs include parenting education, a doula matching program, and career services. 

Black breastfeeding support group
The fourth Wednesday of every month:
Prenatal group: 10:00-11:00am
Postpartum group: 11:30am-12:30pm
The Leaven Community Center
5431 NE 20th ave. Portland 97211

& Feeding Resources


Tongue Tie:

Dr. Bobby Ghaheri: Portland is lucky to be home to a leading expert in tongue tie. Tongue tie can have significant impacts on breastfeeding. His website provides lots of great information about tongue tie and I provide referrals for frenectomies when tongue tie is identified. 

General breastfeeding info:

Dr. Jack Newman is a Toronto-based pediatrician specializing in lactation. His site features lots of videos and advice. 

Kellymom is an evidence-based breastfeeding advice site.

Trans Lactation:

Trevor MacDonald is a trans man who birthed and *breastfed his son. He began his site as a resource for trans parents to learn about and discuss their infant feeding choices.

*his word choice

Great parenting media


Longest Shortest Time Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time is a great parenting podcast that covers a huge array of topics.

Mater Mea: Mater Mea is a great blog written by and for black working mothers. It features lots of interviews and profiles of professional black families.