I want all of my clients to feel honored and respected in their care. 

There are so many variables to consider when LGBTQ folks start a family — from conception through child-rearing — that cis and hetero families often don't have to think about. One consideration is how queer or trans families will choose to feed their babies. There are a lot of benefits to providing human milk to babies where possible, and there can be benefits to at-breast/chest feeding for parents who want to explore those options.  I have no agenda or preference for how families decide to feed their babies. I am aware that pregnancy and infant feeding can activate feelings of gender dysphoria and that, at the best of times, infant feeding can be a real challenge and you may prefer to go the most simple route. I only seek to inform you of your options and assist you however I can in whatever sounds right for your family.

For more information on LGBTQ lactation, please see the resources section for helpful links. 

Elliott Lactation is body-positive. I am happy to help people of all sizes and all abilities find a way to comfortably and confidently nurse their babies. I take a social justice and cultural competency–based approach to providing care, and am happy to serve a diverse population in the Portland area and to help families find resources and support within their communities.